I upgraded my career portfolio to Angular 15 https://mruanova.com/

The header is white to resemble my favorite websites that have a minimalistic approach when it comes to color (twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, google, wikipedia, stack overflow, youtube).

But I kept the viridian color in the footer and added more font-awesome…



Install the Crestron CH5 Utilities CLI

npm install -g @crestron/ch5-utilities-cli

Create a Project using the CH5 Shell CLI

ch5-shell-cli create:project

Create a Git Ignore file for the Node Modules




npm run start

Open Browser


to change from light theme to dark theme



“projectName”: “shell-template”,



Mau Rua

Welcome to my software engineering blog. Please visit my career portfolio at https://mruanova.com 🚀🌎