How to get a gold medal in a Kaggle dataset? follow these recommendations! Usability = 10.0

Mau Rua
2 min readFeb 4, 2021

It is easy to create a dataset, but to get a gold medal follow these recommendations based on my experience working with this dataset: [U.S. Gasoline and Diesel Retail Prices 1995–2021](

1) Make sure your usability is at a 10.0 by filling all the metadata.

Add a subtitle: “Weekly Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices”

Add tags: “energy, oil and gas”

Add a description: content, context, acknowledgements and inspiration.

Click “edit” where it says “Add a description…” and remember to click “save” because it doesn’t automatically save it.

Upload an image or banner 1900x400 that makes it eye-catchy!

2) Click “edit” on “about this file” where is says “This file does not have a description yet” to include column descriptors and file information.

3) Add a license: for example “U.S. Government Works” and specify Copyrights and Reuse if apply.

4) You can use the “discussion” tab to start a conversation about your data or to ask for help if you are stuck with something.

5) Add a task.

This is very important to encourage others to use your dataset, it is like giving them a challenge and a reason to want to work with it. Give them a question that can be answered with your data.

For example:

Which year had the highest price on Diesel?

How does Regular gasoline compares with Midgrade or Premium?

6) Publish a notebook and show others how to use it!

Share your work and let others review it.

Communication is very important, so go ahead and interact with other data scientists on Kaggle.

Review other’s work the same way you would like others to review yours. :)



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