I am testing ChatGPT… can you please write a poem about dogs and middle child syndrome?

Mau Rua
Jan 6, 2023

Sure, here is a poem about dogs and middle child syndrome:

In a family of canines, there is a middle pup

Who often feels left out, not sure where to sup

The oldest gets attention, the baby is coddled

But the middle feels forgotten, their presence muddled

They try to bark loud, to get noticed and seen

But it’s hard to stand out, when you’re in between

They watch as the others get treats and affection

Feeling overlooked and in the wrong direction

But the middle child dog is just as loved and dear

And they bring joy and loyalty, all through the year

So don’t forget the middle pup, show them some love

They deserve it just as much, from the heavens above.



Mau Rua

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